Managed Services

EnerTrac Tank Monitoring Managed Service


“All of the Benefits of Tank Monitoring, With None of the Hassles!”

EnerTrac is the only vendor offering Managed Services for its industry-leading Tank Monitoring Solution.  Tank Monitoring Managed Services allows you to focus your business on customer retention, acquisition and satisfaction, without worrying about your tank monitoring solution.  You get all of the benefits of tank monitoring like improved delivery efficiency, reduced stops, reduced zero-fills and larger deliveries.  And you get the benefits at an incredibly affordable price without any of the hassles!

What is Managed Services?

EnerTrac Tank Monitoring Managed Services consists of the initial installation and on-going management of tank monitors.  EnerTrac will install each tank monitor and setup the monitor in EnerTrac’s cloud software.  This will include the installation of a remote ready dial if necessary.  EnerTrac will also provide ongoing management of the implementation.

Tank Monitoring Managed Service Highlights:

  • Purchase EnerTrac propane monitors for $65. The cost includes the monitor and installation.
  • Pay a $2.95 month data service fee and EnerTrac will provide ongoing maintenance and management of installed monitors. This includes replacement of compromised devices due to environmental conditions, damage or device failure.
  • Remote Ready Dials will be installed for an additional $6 per dial plus an installation fee.
  • Tank Monitoring Managed Services is only available in select regions.

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