Cellular Monitoring v. EnerTrac Automation

Propane Delivery at a Whole New Level

What is the difference between EnerTrac and traditional cellular monitoring? Tank monitors perform one basic task—fuel level measurement. EnerTrac Tank Monitoring Solutions shows you your entire tank operation so that you can make strategic delivery decisions. This advanced technology is less expensive per unit than cellular tank monitors. It is simpler to operate and more tightly integrated with your customers and processes. And it gives you continuous reporting so you will never be caught short by last-minute run-outs.

It also gives an added benefit to propane dealers. Since propane is a multi-purpose fuel used in a variety of appliances, usage is difficult to predict. With EnerTrac Tank Monitoring technology, propane dealers will know exactly how much propane their customers’ households are using in their grills, pools, gas ranges and generators.

EnerTrac Tank Monitoring not only tracks fuel levels, it monitors tank performance. By reading tank levels multiple times a day, EnerTrac can help you identify dramatic changes in usage.

EnerTrac enables you to be prepared and proactive, to anticipate problem areas before they become expensive headaches. It helps increase customer satisfaction by ensuring their continuous comfort and safety. And it provides a level of delivery efficiency that is not remotely possible with fuel monitoring.



Fuel Delivery Optimization Goals Cellular Monitoring EnerTrac
Avoid all unnecessary deliveries
Vastly reduce the risk of run-outs for all customers
Vastly reduce most waste and lower costs
Vastly improve profits
Vastly eliminate problems and headaches
Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty Selective Yes
Saved deliveries = new accounts = 250% more profit

  • Vendor owns network to control costs
  • Guaranteed 5yr fixed network cost?

  • No
  • Impossible

  • Yes
  • Yes
Fully integrated with BOS?

  • Recalibrates for accuracy with every fill?
  • Alerts when incorrect delivery is made?

  • No
  • No

  • Yes
  • Yes

  • Out of warranty replacement cost
12 months?

  • Hundreds
3 years

  • Lots Less