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EnerTrac - M2M Network, IoT Solutions
EnerTrac is a network service provider (NaaS) and network solutions company focused on wide area machine-to-machine (M2M) applications
(Internet of Things). We offer a low cost long distance sensor network and SaaS applications on a subscription fee basis to help businesses make fact base decisions.

M2M in the beginning

M2M, or Machine to Machine, has evolved from the earliest implementation of hard-wired or point-to-point communications between device and computer, such as industrial automation, data collection, CNC (Computer Numeric Control) etc. to the present day proliferation of intelligent devices coupled with advanced networks and the Internet referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT)

M2M/IoT evolves

Because of the high costs associated with the earliest implementations, only very high value applications could be cost justified. As device technology and network availability has advanced, M2M/IoT opportunities have increased exponentially. Requirements vary from simplex, or read-only monitoring, to highly-interactive duplex applications where control actions are conditioned by data input from remote devices. Simplex solutions include remote sensor data collection and reporting such as temperature, pressure, fluid levels, humidity, etc. Duplex solutions include applications such as process control, traffic control and management, robotics, facilities security, etc.

Technology & Network advances are M2M/IoT enablers

Advances in chip technology -- miniaturization, process power, cost -- have enabled embedded intelligence in devices touching almost every area of our daily lives such as healthcare, automotive, retail, home security/management, entertainment, travel. A seemingly endless opportunity for innovation and improvement.

Equally important to the growth and expansion of M2M/IoT are pervasive and cost-effective networks. Application requirements regarding network reliability, geographic availability, time availability, data availability, simplex or duplex, bandwidth, security and cost will determine which of several network architectures is most appropriate.

Networks strategies for commercial applications fall into one of five basic categories:
  • Satellite
  • Cellular
  • LAN/Home Automation
  • Industrial, Science, Medical (ISM)
  • Low Cost, Low Bandwidth, Long Range UHF

Network strategies for every application

For applications requiring global geographic availability, high reliability, high bandwidth and security, e.g., GPS supported applications, satellite is the most appropriate and costly. Cellular networks provide similar reliability, bandwidth and security, have extensive, but more globally-limited geographic availability and are therefore less costly than satellite. LAN/Home Automation by definition, and ISM offer limited geographic availability and are less costly than cellular.

Making MM/IoT solutions affordable

For simplex applications that require one way communication, e.g., temperature, pressure, fluid levels, humidity, etc. the Low Cost, Low Bandwidth, Long Range UHF network delivers the lowest cost alternative.

Combining new price-performing technology with low cost, but wide-reaching geographic coverage,the EnerTrac Low Cost, Low Bandwidth, Long Range UHF network architecture enables business applications that can greatly improve operation efficiencies, reduce costs and improve profits, that were previously not attainable.
Sensor Network – Ap Dependent

Application requirements

  • Cost Duplex/Simplex
  • Distance of Transmission
  • Mobility
  • Bandwidth needed
  • Energy Consumption
  • Rate of transmission


  • Low Cost
  • Simplex
  • WAN
  • Stationary and remote
  • Low bandwidth
  • Very low energy
  • Once per hour
Sensor network pyramid
EnerTrac's Technology Solution

Wireless Network NaaS

  • Licensed frequencies
  • >150 receivers covering >4MM addressable heating fuel tanks in CA, OH, NY, NE
  • Unmatched operating cost
  • Low power, long life
  • Long Distance Coverage
  • Secure and Reliable

chart      pipes

Data Aggregation SaaS Platform

  • Scalable Cloud based Server Farm
  • Integration with all leading industry ERP vendors
  • Multiple Platforms for data access (Web Services/FTP)
  • Value add applications, metrics


Network Resource Tools

  • Proprietary Customer specific network mapping
  • Proprietary System Health Tools
  • Map Integrated monitor deployment tracking w/Reporting Status.