Tank Automation

More Than Cellular Tank Monitoring



EnerTrac optimizes your delivery efficiency by using affordable monitors on all of your tanks.
By combining integrated cloud software, LoRa WAN network technology, and monitor technology, EnerTrac captures all your tank levels throughout the day. This data is then sent to your back office software, giving you a continuous report on the status of every tank.

You’ll be able to consolidate deliveries, forecast fuel usage, and schedule service to avoid run-outs. You’ll have excess capacity and spend less time filling existing tanks, which gives you the opportunity to expand your customer base. With the expertise of the EnerTrac team at your disposal, our automated solution is not just a matter of installing new hardware or a monitoring device. It’s a strategic business asset that will help you compete in today’s fuel delivery marketplace.

Proulx Oil & Propane maximizes delivery efficiency with EnerTrac

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