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EnerTrac Propane Tank Delivery Automation Solutions

Say goodbye to outdated and expensive tank monitoring, and hello to residential fuel delivery for the 21st century. EnerTrac Tank Delivery Automation Solutions uses eSensor technology and the power of the internet to electronically monitor all of your customers’ tanks remotely.

The result?

  • A reduction in delivery costs by as much as 30%. 
  • No more run-outs or unnecessary deliveries. 
  • A decrease in deliveries—2-3 fewer visits per year, per customer. 
  • Simplified operations, quicker response times, and better customer service.
  • Increased profitability and new opportunities to grow your business.


  • “The cost of EnerTrac is a fraction of competitive offerings. The data is automatically sent over the internet directly into our Back Office software so it allows us to automate ALL our customers’ tanks, not just the ones where we were trying to prevent run outs.”

    Phil Marks - President Nantucket Energy
  • “We are now able to deliver only when the tank is down to 20%, which saves us more than 30% of our operational cost of delivery. Our gallons/stop has increased more than 30%, overtime has been eliminated. and we will either sell some trucks or use this excess capacity to expand our business. “

    Jeff Van Groningen- Vice President VanUnen Propane
  • “How important is EnerTrac? Based on our initial installs, our gallons per stop is up 42%….that’s how important.”

    Russ Boisvert Area Manager- AmeriGas
Lower delivery costs by 30%

Lower delivery costs by 30%

EnerTrac provides updates multiple times a day on fuel levels in customer tanks, optimizing deliveries and eliminating unnecessary delivery trips. The result is that dealers using EnerTrac technology save an average of 30% on fuel delivery costs, the single largest operations cost for fuel dealers.

Simplify Operations

Simplify Operations

EnerTrac provides accurate tank level data to allow deliveries only when needed, eliminate run-outs and identify wrong deliveries. Degree-day alone cannot reliably and efficiently respond to irregular and non-forecast-able usage patterns. We don’t guess, we know.

Improve Customer Service

Improve Customer Service

Customers of EnerTrac enabled dealers enjoy peace of mind knowing their dealer is tracking the level of fuel in their tank and will schedule deliveries to keep them from running out.

Implementing Tank Delivery Automation: How It Works