Delivery Efficiency

Propane Delivery at a Whole New Level


The internet has changed the way the world does business. Fuel dealers need to be smarter and leaner in their operations. With EnerTrac, you’ll be better able to take control of costs and increase profitability, even in the face of market challenges.

So what is the REAL cost of making a delivery? Independent industry research shows that it’s about $70 on average. Labor (drivers) and equipment (bobtails) are the two biggest contributors to delivery costs. In fact, ‘no deliveries’ when a tank is checked and doesn’t need to be filled is considered a delivery. With the EnerTrac solution, you’ll increase the average size of a delivery and avoid wasteful ‘no deliveries’.

The data provided by an EnerTrac monitor will allow you to achieve true delivery efficiency, which means that you deliver when a tank is 30% full, not 50% full (an inefficient delivery) or empty. As you know, delivering when a tank has run out leads to all sorts of issues and can be very costly from a brand and customer satisfaction standpoint. In this age of social media, run-outs are very costly indeed!